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How to use your new Honeywell Security System

So you've just had your Honeywell Security System installed and now you want to use it. Watch this video for basic instructions of use. Note: Video will discuss options you may or may not have. If you have any questions about your system, please contact Hoppen Home Systems.

Adding a User Code to Your Security System

Need to add a user code for the babysitter or maintenance man? Watch this video to learn how. (For Honeywell systems)

Courtesy: Honeywell Security

Control4 Quick Start Guide

This System Quick Start Guide is your introduction to the user guide. Since every Control4 system is unique, they’ve put each feature’s info into its own user guide. Download the Control4 System Quick Start Guide here.

For in-depth information about specific features or equipment, see the appropriate Smart Home user guide. Find all of these user guides (and more!) at ctrl4.co/userguide.

Control4 App

Welcome to the exciting world of home automation. The Control4 app (for OS 2.6.0 and later) on your iOS or Android® smartphones and tablets or on a PC or Mac computer can manage everything in your Control4 home automation system. Download the Control4 App Quick Reference Guide here.

Control4 - Adding & Editing Lighting Scenes

In OS 2.3, you can create, edit, and rename simple lighting scenes from your touch screens or MyHomePC app as the mood strikes you (not available on MyHome mobile devices). This is an especially handy feature, because sometimes when you’ve lived with your smart lighting for awhile, you realize that some things could work a little better for you. Now you can make these changes yourself. Download the Control4 Lighting Scenes guide here.

Control4 TuneIn

The TuneIn service in a Control4® system lets you listen to music, talk shows, news, sports, and more from over 70 thousand Internet radio stations and millions of shows (podcasts) worldwide from your favorite Navigator (iPad®, iPhone®, Android, tablet, PC/Mac, or capacitive- touch 7” Touch Screens). Choose from Browse, My Favorites, or Search options. TuneIn works with OS 2.4 or later. Download the user guide here.

Flir CCTV App

FLIR CLOUD is an easy-to-use, cloud-enabled service that provides remote viewing and control of multiple cameras from various locations via iOS, Android, PC or Mac devices. No complex router configuration necessary, the three-step set up is simple, making video monitoring easier than ever before.