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Outdoor Speaker Buyers Guide

3.11.19/Outdoor Living

With warm summer temperatures approaching, it’s time to start thinking of ways to take the party outside. And what better way to do that than with outdoor speakers? With an outdoor sound system completely integrated with your home audio systems, you can make your backyard an extension of your home and amplify the way you entertain guests. But how should you go…


Reasons for Tuning Up Your Home Technology Systems

2.27.19/Smart Home

Spring cleaning is an annual way to free your home of clutter and make space for the new. Similarly, giving your home's functions a tune-up will make it lighter, stable, and more reliable livable so you can sit back and relax when summer rolls around. And just like spring cleaning, it can be tough to get started, so here are our top 10 reasons to tune up your house to give you that motivation…


Improve Your Home's Security in 10 Simple Ways

1.16.19/Home Security

Gain complete peace-of-mind with a totally secure home. As crime rates are growing globally, it’s important to ensure your property and loved ones are safe. Here are ten tips and tricks to keep your home protected.


The Watchful Eye

The simple presence of a CCTV, whether real or fake,…


Planning Your Whole Home Audio System

12.14.18/Whole-Home Audio System

The idea of building a multi-room or whole-home music system can seem a bit daunting to homeowners. However, with a well-thought-out plan, this seemingly intimidating venture becomes much easier to do. With the right tools and a series of steps, you’ll be dancing to your favorite tunes throughout the house in no time.

We’ll help you prepare a checklist to determine what…


Using Lighting Control in 5 Bright Ways

11.16.18/Lighting Control

There are many pros of having a lighting control system, like having total command of specific lights and their intensity. A centralized system is simple to control, and your creativity will know no bounds with endless possibilities to light up your home. Here are some great ways to utilize your lighting control system:

Hoppen Home Systems - 7 Perks of home automation

7 Perks of Home Automation for Daily Life

October 3, 2018/Home Automation

Daily life is hectic enough, balancing time with work and family. Home automation allows you to simplify your life, save time, and increase security, letting you spend less time worrying about the little things and more time enjoying your home.

Tech-integrated homes are quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in modern living. Every one of us already carries a high-powered…


7 Steps to Your Own Dedicated Home Theater

9-14-18/Home Theater

Home entertainment these days comes in all shapes and (screen) sizes. From your favorite weekly reality shows on the family room 70” 4K TV to streaming Netflix on your mobile device - it seems there are endless options to get your entertainment fix.

But what if there was more - something better? For those sports fans out there, what if there was a way to watch…


Before Building, Visit Control4 Experience Center

August 3, 2018/Smart Home

The best time to install home integration systems is when you’re either building a new home or renovating an existing one — you get down to the wires in both cases. It is important that you employ professionals to help with this so that the projects are up to code and done correctly. This will give you plenty of peace of mind going forward. At Hoppen Home Systems we can ensure you…


Control4's Door Station's New Features

August 3, 2018/

Introducing Control4 Intercom Anywhere, making mobile phones part of your Control4 intercom experience with apps for iOS and Android. With Intercom Anywhere, homeowners can always see who is at the front door, plus they have a new way to stay connected with their family and control their home.

With a new, dedicated app, Intercom Anywhere is fast and quickly notifies homeowners…


Streaming Movies in 4K

June 14, 2018/

Streaming content has become so easy, convenient, and available so its popularity has zoomed like a Hollywood blockbuster on a holiday weekend. Add to that the greater variety of content now available from multiple sources, and you can see why it is on the upswing. Manufacturers are helping the trend to continue to expand because the prices of 4K UHD TVs are cheaper than ever.…



May 22, 2018/Open House - Control4 & Sony | Hoppen Home Systems

Want to know what it's like to live in a truly smart home?
Join us to #C4Yourself. Visit our Grand Opening Showroom Event!


A truly smart home is one that requires…


Learning Speaker Lingo

March 21, 2018/Hifi Audio

For many people, shopping for speaker systems is the most enjoyable part of the home entertainment hunt. It involves lots of listening, great music, exciting considerateness - and a language all it’s own to decipher. And because home speaker systems can cost as little as a good dinner for two - to as much as buying the entire restaurant, it's important to be careful and particular when…



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